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Single-point mounting element for use with an anchor for floor, wall and ceiling mounting in M&E services. With its good overall stability, the SMD 1 Support Cone may also be used as a fixed-point mounting element in certain areas. In that case the permissible values for the lateral forces indicated in the characteristic curve are to be taken into consideration. This also applies to wall mounting situations. When used as fixed-point mounting element the pipe clamp is to be connected directly to the support tube. When used as a normal, rigid mounting element, a grub screw may be used between support tube and pipe clamp for height adjustment.


Technical Data

Material: Steel, electro-galvanised.


The mentioned dates respect the permissible bending stress.

σperm ≤ 160 N/mm2 and the bending fzul ≤ 3mm.

Permissible anchor values may restrict the application.

TypeConnection to systemConnection to building structureD [mm] L1 [mm] L2 [mm]
SMD1 M12 F8 M12 M8 92 71 46
SMD1 M16 F10 M16 M10 92 65 39
SMD1 1/2" F10 1/2" M10 92 60 34
SMD1 3/4" F12 3/4" M12 92 60 36
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