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Universal connection for attachment to non-horizontal components.

May be fixed directly to building surfaces, Beam Clamps, channels, etc. Typical uses would include easy on-site manufacture of various tie rod assemblies to support brackets, or reinforcement struts for sliding and fixed point applications (UG FP types are specifically designed for assembly for pipe clamp wings for fixed point constructions).

- Infinitely variable angle adjustment;

- Length and height adjustment via rotation of the grub screw in the threaded pivot head;

- Securely retained threaded pivot head;

- Secure attachment of nut on the adapter plate.


Scope of delivery

With adapter plate and locking nut.



Screw the grub screw completely into the pivot head (visual control).

Fix the adjusted angle by tightening the supplied nut against the adapter plate.


Technical Data

TypeWorking load
Adapter plate
ø DA [mm]
UG M8 5.8 10.5 Flange nut
UG M10 8.0 10.5 Flange nut
UG M12 13.0 16.5 Flange nut
UG M16 13.0 16.5 Hexagon nut
UG FP M12 13.0 16.5 Hexagon nut
UG FP M16 13.0 16.5 Hexagon nut


- Steel, electro-galvanised (versions M8 and M10);
- Malleable cast iron, electro-galvanised (versions M12 and M16).

TypePivot headA [mm]B [mm]Diam. D [mm]L [mm]
UG M 8 M 8 26 40 10,5 51
UG M 10 M 10 26 40 10,5 51
UG M 12 M 12 33 50 17 71
UG M 16 M 16 33 50 17 71
UG FP M 12  M 12 33 50 17 71
UG FP M 16 M 16 33 50 17 71



VdS Approval G4980055 for types UG M8 to UG M16.

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