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Suitable for quick and safe fixation of Sikla Channels to concrete and masonry ceilings or walls. To be applied in dry rooms not exposed to high corrosion resistance requirements.

Easy installation via self-cutting action of screwbolt threads into concrete;

Small edge and axial distances to adjacent fixings, due to low expansion pressure when installed;

No plug necessary;

Also fixes into pressure-resistant natural stones and different solid bricks (not part of ETA approval / guideline);

Flexible use for high or standard load performances due to 3 anchoring depths;

Approved for the application under seismic impact of category C1 (ø 8 - 14) for anchoring depth hnom3.

For single fixings it is possible to additionally seal the drill hole with a special injecton resin against water ingress, prior to the fixing being installed and before the injection resin sets.


Techincal data

CLS cracked
Allowable tensile load CLS C20/25 [kN] 5.7 8 12.3
Allowable tensile load CLS C25/30 [kN] 6.3 8.7 13.4
Allowable tensile load CLS C30/37 [kN] 7 9.7 14.9
Allowable tensile loade CLS C40/50 [kN] 8 11.3 17.3
Allowable tensile load CLS C50/260 [kN] 8.9 12.3 19
CLS not cracked
Allowable tensile loade CLS C20/25 [kN] 7.6 9.5 17.2
Allowable tensile loade CLS C25/30 [kN] 8.3 10.4 18.8
Allowable tensile load CLS C30/37 [kN] 9.3 11.6 20.9
Allowable tensile load CLS C40/50 [kN] 10.8 13.5 24.3
Allowable tensile load CLS C50/60 [kN] 11.8 14.8 26.7
Allowable cutting load CLS C20/25 [kN] 6.4 15.9 24
Allowable cutting load CLS C25/30 [kN 7 17.5 24
Minimum material thickness [mm] 100 110 120
Minimum distance between anchors Smin [mm] 50 60 55
Minimum distance from the edge Cmin [mm] 50 60 55
Tightening torque [Nm] 20 50 80

TiypeWrenchLenght Lv [mm]Hole depth h1[mm]Hole diameter d0[mm]Max  tfix[mm]
AV-TE 10x75 13 80 85 8 10
AV-TE 12x100 15 100 80 10 30





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