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Slide Set for single and double mounting of mechanical equipment, to be used on Channels, brick or concrete walls and on bearers.

To be used preferably in combination with Pipe Clamps Ratio S and Stabil D-3G.

Various connection options with these pipe clamps ranging between M10 and R1". For adapters for these connection options (see Adapter f/f).

Sound absorption by means glass fibre reinforced PA slide rails.

When using the version ULTRAglide the resultant shear force is halved. By this the realisation of optimized supporting structures is possible.


Technical Data

Permissible load for ceiling mounting: 0.6 kN

Permissible load for floor mounting: 1.2 kN

Lever arm Lmax: 300 mm

Max. sliding distance Type 2G-PL: 85 mm

Max. sliding distance Type 2G2-PL: 140 mm

Temperature range (permanent exposure): 130°C

Version GS:    

Static friction coefficient µ0: 0.18

Sliding friction coefficient µ: 0.14

Version GS ULTRAglide:    

Static friction coefficient µ0: 0.07

Sliding friction coefficient µ: 0.07



Metal components: Steel, electro-galvanised;

Slide bar: Polyamide, glass fibre reinforced.

Version ULTRAglide: with additional Nano coating.


Adm. load FZ * under stress of fire

FWD 30
FWD 60
FWD 90
FWD 120
≤ 600
≤ 430
≤ 280
≤ 200

FZ = max. adm. load

* The load capacity of the connecting elements used is to be respected, this applies in particular under stress of fire.

= Sold by pack