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Heavy-duty connection elements which, in combination with grub screws (M10), are suitable for mounting pipes, ducts and equipment to steel beams (I-, T-, U- and angle steel beams).

The combination with a Universal Joint ss provides for vertically aligned attachment to inclined beams.

Can serve as single mounting elements, for installing crossbars and for fixing cantilever structures.

Due to their special base profile, TCS 1 Beam Clamps can also be slid along and retained in the opening of Channels of the 41 series.


Scope of delivery

Pre-assembled with clamping bolt and locking nut.



Tigthen the clamping bolt of the Beam Clamp first by hand, then tighten down with a spanner according to the mounting instructions. The hardened point of the clamping bolt will penetrate the comparatively soft material of the beam, ensuring a solid and highly secure connection. Tigthen the locking nut for securing the installation.

For use in the area of a cutting edge of a channel, an additional Holding Bracket 41 must be mounted.

Note: Read relevant mounting instructions before installation!


Technical Data

Working load: 5.0 kN

This nominal load applies to new Beam Clamps fixed to undamaged beam flanges only.

Connection [fore/aft]: M10/M10

Clamping range on parallel flange: 26 mm


Material: Cast iron, HCP.

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