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The deluge system is normally used both for deluge systems to protect areas and large surfaces and systems to protect localized areas and surfaces such as cooling tanks and water blades. The deluge system is also compatible for use in foam systems at low, medium and high expansion. The sprinklers downstream of the valve are open.

Application on any type of installation.


Scope of delivery

The standard version comes fully assembled and complete with body deluge valve (connection with flanged or grooved), trim, gauges and pressure switch, pneumatic actuation. Are excluded from the supply gate valves and the water motor.


Technical Data

Actuation:electric 24V DC 2 ways impulse

Max permissible pressure: 16 bar

Working temperature: Max 60°C

Water supply pressure according to the flow rate:

min. 2.0 bar: up to 5 m/s

min. 2.5 bar: 5-7 m/s

min. 3.0 bar: 7-8 m/s

min. 3.8 bar: 8-10 m/s

Drain valve: K2, K20

Flange connection dimensions: DIN 2501

DNEquivalent Lenght [m]A [mm]B[mm]H1 [mm]H2 [mm]
50 3,1 310 230 430 300
80 7,1 315 295 460 320
100 12 335 310 500 350
150 26,9 355 390 580 480
200 23,8 385 420 670 600



CE, VdS, Gost-R, FM.


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