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Comprehensive solution out of synthetic rubber for flat roofs and central energy supply centers with coated floor. In combination with the Sikla Assembly System any structures can quickly and simply be realised. The water permeable rubber allows a secure and reliable support with constant load distribution. Particularly suitable for the fixation of aggregates, pipings, ventilation ducts and walkways.

Depending on the Insulated Foot either a Channel MS 41/41 or a Channel MS 41/41 D can be plugged in.

Insert the Channel MS 41/41 or 41/41 D into the Insulated Foot's slot.

Technical Data

Type max. perm.
pressure load FN [kN]
Height [mm] Insertion depth
SQF 350 16 100 60
SQF 500 16 130 90

Tests to determine the coefficient of friction shall be carried out by the customer. Depending on the used roofing film the customer has to decide if an additional separation layer (e.g. fleece) is necessary. Furthermore the statics have to be verified by a qualified engineer.

Material: Styrene butadiene rubber.

Type Plate dimensions [mm]
SHB SQF 41-350 350 x 350
SHB SQF 41-500 500 x 500
SHB SQF 41 D-350 350 x 350
SHB SQF 41 D-500 500 x 500
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