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Slide Element for use in channels of the 41 series. For single and double mounting options.

The permissible loads may restrict the arrangement of the Slide Elements.The sliding distance is determined by the length of the rail. Holding Brackets are to be used for securing the Slide Element.

Any option in combination with Duo Clamps and Stabil Clamps ss A4 may be realised. Various connection options with pipe clamps from M12 up to R 3/4"

For these connection options, the corresponding Mounting Plate Stabil could be screwed directly to the Slide Element by means of bolts M10x30.

Suitable for floor and ceiling mounting as well as guiding support for rising pipes.


Technical Data

Permissible load Overhead mounting:     

Single mounting: 6 kN

Double mounting: 8 kN

The permissible load capacity of the channel has to be respected.     


Permissible load Floor mounting:     

Single/ Double mounting: 4 kN

Single mounting with Mounting Plate: 8 kN


Lever arm Lmax for single mounting: 350 mm

Static friction coefficient µ0: 0.16

Sliding friction coefficient µ: 0.14


Material: Stainless steel A4.


The permissible bending moment of the connection elements (threaded rod or threaded tube) may restrict the application!

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